Caption Contest #89 Results

So, last week I asked you guys to come up with the best replacement dialogue for this panel:

And here are our top 5:

Treasure Hunter

Vader: "Is that Jar Jar down in the Sarlac Pit?"

Jabba: "Yes. Happy Birthday"

Rekulhs Nathe

Vader: "Why is he laughing?"

Jabba: "Hmm. I think he remembered how much you hate sand."


Vader: "I’ll take a large, stuffed crust with pepperoni and black olives and a side order of cinnamon breadsticks."

Jabba: "Hey, just because Pizza the Hutt is my cousin doesn’t make this any less awkward. Would you like a soda?"

Herman Smellville

Vader: "Yeah, so, this isn’t a pet-friendly office. It’s not my choice, but the building’s owner is tired of cleaning up Kowakian monkey-lizard scat. It’s a violation of our lease so…"

Jabba: "I have a disability and Salacious is a certified emotional support animal."

Calvary Red

Vader: "Doesn’t that annoy you?"

Jabba: "No. Not as much as this squirt that used to say “yippee.”

However, unlike the sith, there can only ever be one winner and that is...


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