HeroMachine Hall Of Fame: Blackdancer by Delirious Al

1 of 5 Winners of the 2016 Heromachine Hall of Fame Poll

"Blackdancer" by Delirious Al

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3 Responses to HeroMachine Hall Of Fame: Blackdancer by Delirious Al

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    At first, I thought the legs were highly disproportionate. Then I realized that Blackdancer is an android or cyborg. The whole scene is entrancing.

  2. The sea being lost in the horizon is a really nice detail.

  3. DeliriousAl says:

    Woah hey neat! 😀 Thanks for bumping the character along to this point, my friends!
    So yeah, I think it’s worth mentioning that the name ‘Blackdancer’ was just the file name I used for the character as I updated her because it was bare bones and easy to remember. The name I gave her eventually in the forums was Alsatia, and the final version on deviantart got the name Volta. Am I allowed to request this change? If not and the Hollywood star has already been engraved to the point where changing it would alter the fabric of reality, then I suppose that just fine and dandy too.