Trailers of the Week Vol. 2


Trailers, trailers everywhere! Another week goes by and I have double the number to talk about than I did last time. Some will be pretty fast to discuss, at least. This time we’re also just going in the order that I wrote them down, again no top to bottom list. As we have so much to go over, let’s just jump right in and get to it!

The Mummy Trailer #1

I’m not really sure what to say with this one. Other than the fact that you could take out all the supernatural and mummy stuff out and replace it with a shadowy organization or terrorists or something and slap a ‘Mission Impossible’ title card on it and it would still basically look the same. The fact the mummy is female instead of male is interesting, but the whole ‘she will take what she has been denied’ is a pretty basic, boring, and downright trite motivation at this point, which is points against. This one was just kind of meh for me. They keep trying these Universal Monsters to make an expanded universe, and they just aren’t going anywhere. I’m not sure this one will break that trend.



Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #1

After the boring Mummy trailer, I watched this. And my inner child screamed in delight (internally, mind you, so as not to wake up the actual children in the house). Between Civil War and this, I think we’ve finally gotten a Spider-Man that is true to the character, not really good with one aspect but awful in another. This may just be it, this may just be my favorite hero done right and in a way that gives him a lot of room to grow as a character. Then the freaking Vulture shows up! I have been waiting so long to see the Vulture in live-action, and he looks downright scary. He even has the friggin’ furry neck ruff! I think Michael Keaton is going to kill this role, and I cannot wait. One the other side, I’m interested to see the dynamic between Peter Parker and Tony Stark, as being a mentor figure is something we’ve only gotten a brief glimpse of from Stark and is a great new role for the character to play. So excited.



Duck Tales Teaser

Not much to say. Basically, Duck Tales is coming back. For my nostalgia, I hope it’s good. For my kids that watch our DVD’s of the original, I hope it’s good. Just be good, okay?


Fifty Shades Darker Trailer #1

Nope, didn’t even link it here. I’m only mentioning it because it came out. If it’s your thing and you haven’t seen the trailer, then I’m here to tell you it’s out. Still looks like melodramatic crap with bad acting and a worse story, but if it’s your bag, all the power to you. And I mean that honestly, I know it has lots of fans and I hope they get out of it whatever they’re looking for. The weekend it opens is also the opening of the Lego Batman Movie, so that’s where I’m going to be.



Baywatch Trailer #1

So this one looks funny, action-y. I can see myself watching it but as a rental. Mostly due to Dwayne Johnson, I’ll admit. Dude’s charming, funny, and does great action. Not feeling Zac Efron in this movie but that’s more because I know his character will be unbearable through much of the movie, though I’m sure he’ll have a change of heart by the end. As long as it’s better than the last movie I saw him in (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which was awful). As far as reboots go, I can see this one being the fun, mostly harmless kind that you can have a good time with while eating popcorn and sitting on the couch. I never watched the show, so I don’t know how it compares, to be honest.



Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer #1

Well, there’s a lot to unpack in this trailer, and much of it speculation at this point. I didn’t watch the fourth movie, so I don’t know where exactly the storyline is or if this is going to throw a wrench in the timeline. Anyway, we’ve got some characters from the first three movies returning and joining up with Mark Wahlberg, and as far as humans in these films go, I rather liked Josh Duhamel and Tyrese. I at first thought the opening montage might indicate time travel, but I’m leaning now towards more like showing a long history of human contact with the Cybertronians. Then there’s also a possible Unicron and a possibly evil/mind controlled Optimus Prime. Yet, for some reason, the weirdest thing for me was hearing Sir Anthony Hopkins say the words ‘Optimus Prime’. Not sure why, considering he’s been Odin, Hannibal Lecter, and Prof. Van Helsing (among others). Either way, we might just stick to Transformers: Rescue Bots for now.



War of the Planet of the Apes Trailer #1

Wow, that was intense. Between this movie and Star Wars Ep. VIII, I am massively hyped to see Andy Serkis on the big screen next year. We were blown away by the first two films in this series and I cannot wait to see this one as well. This is a definite theater trip. The motion capture alone is just phenomenal, but over the course of the films you really become attached to Caesar as a character. These films are so much more than awesome looking, there’s such a depth of emotion and story along with it. Is this going to be the big blow out and we see the fall of humanity? We just might. And going into this third film, I’m cheering for the apes.



The Fate of the Furious Trailer #1

I originally just had the teaser to talk about, but since I didn’t get this finished last night (work Christmas party), I now find myself with a full trailer instead. Which is good, because that 15 second teaser was just basically the same Fast stuff I’ve seen in every other trailer for these films. And this trailer seems to start off that way, and then go in a rather different direction. So… Vin Diesel in this movie... I don’t really know much about the series but that seems like quite the twist. Looks like it’ll be a solid action movie, either way and I'm sure this trailer will get a lot of people speculating on what's going on.



Assassin’s Creed Trailer #3

Every time I thought I was done, that I’d gotten all the pertinent new trailers to talk about, another one would drop. No sooner had I watched the teaser for the last entry I see this one waiting as well. I am assuming this will be the final trailer for the film, as it opens in a couple of weeks. I’ve already made it known that I’m going to see this one and that I’m excited for it and that I’m not a huge fan of the games so changes to the story don’t really bother me. I just want this to be good, it has so much potential. Just be good.


Well, that’s the roundup for this week. Everybody’s been pushing out trailers left, right, and center, so who knows, maybe Vol. 3 will be coming up next week at this rate. Either way, hope you enjoyed all the new goodies and we’ll see you next time!