Character Of The Year 2016: Preliminary Round

Continuing our yearly tradition, as it is nearing the end of the year we've collected together all of the winners of this years CDC's (except for the current ones that have no winner at time of posting) and ask you guys to decide which one should be crowned Character Of The Year. In this preliminary round we have 12 pictures randomly placed into each of our 4 polls using a randomizer (well, except Poll 4 which has only 10 because reasons). You can vote for up to 5 of your favourites in each poll once a day until 12 am on the Saturday 17th. After that, the 4 pictures with the highest votes in each poll and the highest voted 2nd place picture will go into a final poll to decide our Character Of The Year, which will be announced on Christmas Eve and inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

Anyway, the polls are below the jump.

Poll 1

[polldaddy poll="9601029"]

Poll 2

[polldaddy poll="9601054"]

Poll 3

[polldaddy poll="9601060"]

Poll 4

[polldaddy poll="9601074"]

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