Hey eveyone, I am here with another KHU ( Kaldath Health Update). Going to try and keep this brief as sitting at my computer hurts my chest and I hate using my phone to write posts. Bad news first, the daptomycin that I am taking to battle the MRSA continues to  cause me a little more pain everyday. Everyday I am on the stuff I find it harder to make it through the day without having to resort to percription pain killler and the less ibuprofen and tylenol help me. To make matters worse I had car troubles the other day and in the process of getting the car running again ended up spraining my wrist which just adds another spot of pain to my already growing list.

The good news, my left shoulder which has been in agony for over a month now due to the infection has begun to feel better. The pain is mostly gone so long as I do not over do things with it which is hard not to do at times considering I am left handed.  Also since I had gotten out of the hospital ( the first time ) I have been very sensitive to cold temps. What used to feel comfortable for me in the past is suddenly now freezing cold,. Not sure if this is due to the Mrsa, my medications or a combination of the two, however things have begun to improve on that front in the last couple days. While I find the temps my family keep the houses Air conditioner set to still to be comfortably  chilly I no longer need to put on a jacket and wrap myself in a blanket to stay warm. So in summation pain is still a very big issue with me at the moment but there are some promising signs that the meds are working to knock this nasty infection right out of me!

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