Friday Night Fights FINAL REMINDER

Hey guys, JR here, with your FINAL REMINDER to get your entries in for this years Friday Night Fights. I know there are a few people finishing off their entries who haven't got them sent in to me yet, but unfortunately you're gonna have to get them done real quick because the deadline for entries is TOMORROW.

The first round will be going live this Friday. You can find any information here.

JR out

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4 Responses to Friday Night Fights FINAL REMINDER

  1. MLS says:

    Hey JR, I sent my submission in yesterday. Can you confirm that you received it?

  2. Lef says:

    Tomorrow what time mr Jr ?? Because Im currently working on my last and dont know if I’ll make it or not..

  3. JR19759 says:

    @MLS- Yes, I’ve got it.
    @Lef- 23:59 blog time. You should have time. It’s 2am EST or 6am GMT (on Thursday). So you should be good. If you want to work out how much time you’ve got, the blog is set to the Mountain Time Zone.

    At the moment guys week need two more to hit the minimum for running the contest. If we get there I’ll enter to bump the entry count over so we can have all 4 rounds, with the first round being a qualifying round with everyone’s first round entries all in one poll.

  4. The Atomic Punk says:

    Good luck, everyone! I hope that enough people entered for another installment of FNF.

    I came up with some characters myself, but didn’t have enough time to modify them for the “no backgrounds” rule. Sorry, JR, but story-telling is a big part of why I use HeroMachine. It was a good exercise as I am looking to return from a long hiatus.