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Hi guys, JR here.

Ok, so, quick run down on what's going on here. After the entries for the poster closed, Stulte (who was putting the poster together this year) and myself agreed on a timeframe for when the poster was to be finished and posted, which was to be the following week. Later that week Stulte emailed me and asked for an extension, as he wasn't able to work on the poster due to his not feeling well. I've since emailed him asking for an update and haven't yet received a reply. Now, as much as I don't want to have to do this, I feel it's unfair on you guys who entered stuff for this years poster if you don't get to see a poster, even if it's not the one originally intended, so at this point I'm going to take over putting the poster together.

Now, first problem with this is I don't have any of the entries, as they were all sent to Stulte. There are a few that have been posted on the forums and deviantart that I can get to easily but I think what would be best is for everyone to re-submit their entries (still within the original submission rules which I will post below). As I'm not asking for you to actually create a character this time I'm only going to give you guys a week to resubmit your entries, so next Tuesday (7th) is it.

The rules for submission are as follows:

1. Your entry must be in .png format. You must title it in standard contest entry style i.e. Username- Creators Club Poster (for example I would title mine JR19759- Creators Club Poster). Don’t screenshot the picture and send that in, export it as a .png please. If possible export it with a transparent background, because this makes putting the poster together easier.

2. You MUST include the text for your entry. Mandatory. This is incase Stulte needs to re-export any of the files in a bigger or smaller format. You can include it as an attachment in the email or just paste it into the email, but you have to have the text accessible.

3. Your email has to be titled something applicable to the Creators Club, so its easy to recognise as not-spam.

And if you could send it to me at

Sorry about this guys. At this point I want to get this done rather than have it sitting around not getting done. Thanks for the co-operation.

JR out.

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