Had to share…

I don't know about how this played out. Who do you think should have won and why?

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  1. JR19759 says:

    Yeah, see what you mean about how it played out. The fight scene was awesome, but the end was just “what?!” When did Venom become a deus-ex-machina?
    And as for who should/ would have won, as much as I love Spidey, his best strategy in this fight would have been, get MJ, get out and get some help. I could see him being able to win this if it happened in the comics, because he would escape and, if not get help from a hero more suited to fighting a Sith, at least figure out a way to fight Maul without having to be on the defensive 90% of the time, like he has against many other villains he’s faced over the years. But in the scenario of this short, once the web shooters are crushed Spidey would be going bye-bye fairly soon. Maul’s lightsabre still works when broken in half and he can still use the force, so his offence is still intact, whilst Petey without his webbing has no-way to fight long-range anymore, meaning to fight back he has to come within sabre swinging distance, and he can’t make a quick getaway by swinging out of there either. So in this scenario, I’d have to give the fight to Maul.

  2. Herr D says:

    Point of order! As fast as Spidey has recovered in fights before from heavy blunt force trauma, the second time he hit the concrete he could’ve thrown shards effectively with plenty of speed to foil DM’s concentration. Long distance fighting could still happen. The REAL DANGERs TO SPIDEY after broken web shooters: Hovering choke hold for a full eight minutes or hold him over the street and drop him and do jumps to catch up and pierce him fatally.

    There’s just two problems–

    1. I can’t feel satisfied with DM intuiting to break machinery (where did his intel come from? usually force destruction required some understanding or knowledge, and I don’t know how he knew they were devices rather than mutations.)
    2. Wouldn’t Venom have run while the fight was still going on? Forget volunteering as a deus ex machina, Venom probably wouldn’t have stayed long enough to do anything but be sure of who won, how, and maybe how to not fight the winner. Or knock down a building on both of them?

  3. William Peterson says:

    Actually, I thought it was near perfect. Okay, breaking the webshooters was a bit tacky… But, then, what kept Maul from Force lifting the jar with the symbiote, and running? Point is, this was Spider Man versus Darth Maul, not Darth Maul versus Spider Man and the Fantastic Four! This also is a short battle, not a three-issue story arc with lots of guest stars!
    And,NO, this WASN’T Eddie Brock, or any other Venom…
    This was STILL Peter Parker, in the symbiote costume, so, yeah, he’d stick around and take Maul down…

  4. Nug says:

    William Peterson said – “And,NO, this WASN’T Eddie Brock, or any other Venom…”

    Mmmhmm. That symbiote definitely has a boner for our friendly neighborhood Spiderman… good point.

  5. William Peterson says:

    Nug, who do you think brought the Symbiote back from “Secret Wars” in the first place? And, where was Eddie while all this was going on? That was Peter it went for… Theonly other two choices were Darth Maul, and Mary Jane….

  6. Nug says:

    A symbiotic Darth Maul…. that sounds like an amalgam from MadJack. 🙂