Character Of The Year: Winner

It's interesting the difference hiding the result makes. Looking at the results of the preliminary round, you'd think it obvious who our winner would be, but actually the complete opposite is true. It was fairly close between four of our contenders, but our winner just ran away with the vote.

As previously, I'll run down our top three in ascending order.

3. Geno- Haunted (CDC140- Getting Emotional)

140 Geno-Haunted (Depression)

2. Linea24- A Faeries First Steps into the Sky (CDC106- TGT Fantasy)

106 Linea24-A-Faeries-First-Steps-into-the-Sky

And Number 1, this years Character Of The Year is…..

Thundersong- The Moon Represents My Heart (CDC117- Inspired By Music (Again))

117 Thundersong- The Moon Represents my Heart

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6 Responses to Character Of The Year: Winner

  1. Nug says:

    I thought Djubs would have got it for sure… according to the previous poll. Perhaps with the holidays people are just tired of expensive looking jewelry. 😛
    Congrats Thundersong! Well deserved, and a truly awesome piece! 😉

    Ooop…. And Merry Christmas to all!

  2. djuby says:

    Congrats to all! Lovely job Thundersong.

  3. Thundersong says:

    Wow…Thank You for this honor! I had to go back and see what other Characters mine was up against. I am awed. Thank You Jeff H. for making HM, so that we can allow our creativity to flow!

    Happy Holidays to all and the best for the coming Year!


  4. The Atomic Punk says:

    Again, congratulations to all the CDC winners throughout 2015. Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenges. Kudos to this year’s finalists.

    Finally, I had a strong feeling that Thundersong would ultimately win. “The Moon Represents My Heart” has too much awesome going on. Above all of what I could say, it is one of the most original creations that I have seen in HeroMachine. A well-designed and inspiring piece.

    Joyeux noël à tout!

  5. Geno says:

    Well deserved win, Thundersong! This piece is so unique and beautiful!

    And thanks to everyone who voted for mine – I’m honored it made it so far.

  6. Herr D says:

    Nice ones, all.