Geek Quiz: Winter Edition

Hey guys, JR here, back with a festive Geek Quiz for you. Given the time of year, all of the questions have a slightly chilly theme to them.

As with the last set of quizzes, there will be 10 questions with 15 points available, and of course, NO PUTTING ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION thanks.

1- Which House from the series Game Of Thrones has the motto "Winter Is Coming"? (1 Point)

2- Which of these is not an Ice type Pokemon? (1 Point)
a) Jynx
b) Seel
c) Swinub
d) Cloyster
Bonus- What are the 4 types that Ice is super-effective against? (2 Points)

3- What are the names of the three cleanup teams in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode Winter Wrap Up? (1 Point)
Bonus: What title is Twilight Sparkle given at the end of the episode? (1 Point)

4- What is the real name of X-Men's Iceman? (1 Point)

5- Where do Harry and Herminone spend Christmas Eve in the last Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows? (1 Point)

6- At what time does the Ghost Of Christmas Present appear to Scrooge in Charles Dickens classic Christmas Carol? (1 Point)

7- What is the name of the mountain range that separates Amestris from its northern neighbour Drachma in the anime/ manga Fullmetal Alchemist? (1 Point)
Bonus- What is the name of the General in command of the fort that protects this border? (1 Point)

8- During the Battle of Hoth, the Galactic Empire deployed vehicles known as AT-ATs against the rebel forces. What does AT-AT stand for? (1 Point)

9- What is the name of Superman's arctic retreat? (1 Point)

10- Which classic Doctor Who villains debut in the episode The Tenth Planet, which is set in an Antarctic research facility? (1 Point)
Bonus- What planet do these villains originate from? (1 Point)


1- The House Of Stark
2- b) Seel
Bonus- Grass, Flying, Ground, Dragon
3- Animal Team, Weather Team, Plant Team
Bonus: All-Team Organizer
4- Robert "Bobby" Drake
5- The village of Godrics Hollow
6- One o'clock
7- The Briggs Mountain Range
Bonus- Olivier Mira Armstrong
8- All Terrain Armoured Transport
9- The Fortress Of Solitude
10- The Cybermen
Bonus- Mondas

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