Pop Quiz Results

Only two entries this week but what a pair! No, I'm not talking about the pair of ... um...thrusters...on Nug's probe as it penetrates the deepest reaches of space. I'm talking about a pair of great entries from two great machiners.

nug___psoleus_by_nugarius-d9ieelq Nug and...

HerrD-VDW3Blueprints_zpskvyyijoe HerrD

Nug's entry is beautifully done...as usual...but also made me spit take my coffee, and HerrD's combination of art and description is pure genius. The details in both pieces are remarkable.

So therefore I refuse to make a choice. I can't. I could not name one the winner without feeling that I would be short changing the other. So congratulate each other boys...you both earned it!

6 Responses to Pop Quiz Results

  1. Nug says:

    WOoHooo! 😀 HerrD we did it, bro!! We… probe space!

  2. Nug says:

    Thanks as always for hosting, DJubs! Sorry about your coffee.. 😀

    I gotta admit I was hoping to see more designs from other folk. It is a holiday weekend though.

  3. Herr D says:

    Wow! I am surprised there weren’t more, even with the holiday. Thank you, djuby. Congrats to my co-winner, Nug. Are yours nuclear-powered too?

    Van der Waals, for those of you who don’t usually look up that kind of thing, is an interesting concept. The idea is that to eliminate something immense, like an asteroid belt, you build a machine (or set of machines) that make more of themselves out of the undesirable thing until it’s GONE. In this variant, a crew would regulate each unit to maximize productivity and safety.

  4. Nug says:

    @Herr D Not nuclear… Solar Power. Those are Solar Panels. I don’t think they came across like I wanted. 😛

  5. djuby says:

    I think they came across exactly as you wanted!