Kaldath’s Corner: Share your Animation

Well the last Sharing day themed Kaldath's corner did well enough that I decided to do it again. This time we are going to share or favorite animation weather that animation be Japanese Anime, Western style cartoons or something else. I will list my top five Animation after the jump and invite you all to do the same. Anyone who shares their favorite animation with the community is entitled too ask me one question of their choice on any topic and I will endeavor to answer truthfully.

I am going to list my five animation below along with links to the shows intros, You do not need intro links when sharing your choices,

Unsurprisingly I am sure to you all that the Author of Anime Talk will have Anime as all of his top five Animation picks:

#5 - World Trigger


#4 - The Irregular at Magic High School



#3 - a Certain Scientific Railgun / A Certain Magical Index

Yes I know I am cheating here, these are two separate anime however they are so heavily intertwined that I consider them one and the same!



#2 - Ranma 1/2


#1 - Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Well there you have my current top five animations, please share your top five in the comments below, and don't forget your questions for me.

also here are a couple honorary mentions that almost made it to the top five

Bubblegum Crisis the original OVA's

Bleach ( picked this intro because it is my Favorite Band Scandal )



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