CYOA Wednesday/Thursday: Channel-U Part 3

Channel U

It is once again time for our journey into the realms of Channel-U! Last week we were confronted with a Shuttle under attack by a large starship from a Race know as the "Phantoms". Apparently anyone who has ever gone toe to toe with the Phantoms have been destroyed. We were faced with the option of helping the shuttle and fight, or turning tail and running away. We in turn Hero fashion choose to fight ................

imageTurning to the next page we find:

imageHmmm, What a situation we find ourselves in! Shields knocked down with a single shot and our own torpedoes destroyed before they can reach the enemy.   So now our apparent choices are to Attack full out guns blazing, or to sperate our own ship in two and try to rescue the shuttle with one half and distract the enemy with the other. What to do? What to do ? Well that is where you all come in! You all get to decide! In the poll below cast your vote on our next course of action!

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