Anime Talk: Invitation

Let me start off that I plan on writing a couple anime talks over the next couple weeks, as I have been on a bit of an anime binge of late, that being said I would like to invite you the anime fans of our community to write for heromachine also. If there is any anime topic that I have not covered that you wish to talk about please send me email at We can discuss what you want to talk about and if I find it reasonable you can either write up an article about the topic which I will then post for you, or If you don't feel like writing it I myself may ( or may not ) take a crack at the topic.


I ask this of you all in hopes of providing more content for the HeroMachine community at large. I would like to write more articles but can not always think of something to write about, and even when I ask for suggestion I do not always feel qualified to write about the things being suggested to me, so that is why I thought of asking for some guess writers from the community. SO anyone that feels like stepping up please feel free to contact me.

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