Pop Quiz – Results!

Five great entries this week. It's gonna be hairy picking a winner...sorry.

First Stulte's King of Trolls; beautifully done and very creative; also the drops of added colour are a nice touch.



Next Herr D's whimsical take on a beard/cello hybrid. One of the best imaginations on HM!


EW44 provides a dapper gentleman whose grooming seems to have gotten away from him.


Dreadyacht conglomerated what appears to be hundreds of hairpieces into this elaborate creation.


And finally Cliff; form and function. Actually saw something similar to this at Fan Expo yesterday, but instead of a bird, his beard held a fish bowl. Well done as always.


Very close  call this week, with dreadyacht winning by a whisker...sorry. Sometimes less is more, but not this time!

Join me in congratulating dreadyacht and see you on Saturday.


4 Responses to Pop Quiz – Results!

  1. dreadyacht says:

    No-one’s posted…

  2. Stulte says:

    Blog and forum comments can be slow sometimes, mate. It’s a pretty small community.

    Well done! It truly is an impressive beard.

  3. Herr D says:

    ev1: good works!
    @djuby: thanks!
    dreadyacht: congrats, and man, I gotta know–is this what you thought of from JRRT’s Treebeard?

  4. dreadyacht says:

    Nah, it’s just a green beard.