Pop Quiz – Winner!

Very happy to say we got seven entries this week! Well done all! Sadly, due to a wonky link, I was unable to view EW44's entry, so we are left with six pieces.

First up, Blunt Object's Cheetah Shadow which features a very cool costume design and a great colour combination.

Cheetah Shadow 1-blunt object

Next is Vampyrist's Flaming Mask; well thought out costume and interpretation of the flaming mask feature.


Ruffblade's Diamond Flame is very nicely highlighted and the diamond hand and forearm are standouts. Has a real Golden Age feel.


Professor Ice by lordgrimm has a real Silver Age look to it, and the helmet, neck and chest pieces are very cool.


Dreadyacht's The Time Hourglass is wonderfully quirky, and I love the way his look is cobbled together.


And Herr D's Skeleton Orchid battling a feline onslaught is imaginative, light hearted and the composition is great!

Herr D - skeleton orchid

And the winner this week is...

Roughblade for Diamond Flame. There is something about this, perhaps the retro feel of the character, that had me going back for a second and third look. And while the costume itself is quite simple, it is nicely realized and contrasts the work on the "diamond" areas in a very interesting way.

Congrats and well done!

See you Saturday.




4 Responses to Pop Quiz – Winner!

  1. Herr D says:

    @djuby: Thanx! Winning by losing has always interested me as a warfare tactic.
    @ruffblade: Congrats, man!
    @ev1: good stuff [looks around mischeviously] See you next time!

  2. Ruffblade027 says:

    Thank you

  3. Ruffblade027 says:

    Thank you

  4. Lordgrimm01 says:

    I lived and collected during the silver age