Character Design Contest ♯129 (Heads Up) Winner & Public Service Announcement

This poll has been very unusual. It was led for most of the week by someone who has won both polls he's been in this year and then basically overnight the person in second place jumps 25 votes to take a very comfortable victory. Now I'm not accusing anyone of anything (I can pretty much guarantee our winner wouldn't have cheated and I doubt our second place finisher would do so either, considering how the poll turned out), but you have to admit that there is something fishy about the result. All I can say is, if I do find out that someone is fixing the vote on any of these CDC polls, there will be consequences. If it is a contestant, then they are going to be banned from competing for 4 contests, and if it is an outside party then the polls are going period, and I'll just pick a winner. These contests are for fun, and people trying to skew the result in favour of one person takes away that aspect, not to mention if these contests were actually competitive, well, we all know how fixing a result is viewed in sport don't we.

But anyway, enough of that. Let's put the negativity aside now and get back to normal business. The winner of this weeks contest is DiCicatriz for his entry Threshold Transformation. Congrats DiCi and well done to everyone who entered.

129 DiCicatriz_Threshold_Transformation.png~original

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