Geek Quiz ♯25: Guess Who

Lets celebrate the quarter-century of the Geek Quiz with something that should be a piece of cake. In line with this weeks CDC, down below you are going to find 20 superheroes/ super villains secret identities. What I want you to do is say which superheroes they belong to. In the case of characters that have had more than one name as a superhero then I want the first identity they took, with the exception of sidekicks who eventually graduated to full superhero status, in which case we want the name they took after becoming a fully fledged hero (e.g. Hank Pym would be Ant-Man rather than Giant-Man or Yellowjacket, whilst Dick Greyson would be Nightwing rather than Robin).

So if that's all clear then lets go. 1 point per correct answer and as per usual No putting answers in the comments.

1. Timothy Drake

2. Mac Gargan

3. Jefferson Pierce

4. Al Simmons

5. Hank Henshaw

6. Robert Parr

7. Noh-Varr

8. Rahne Sinclair

9. Bart Allen

10. Jon Osterman

11. Garth Ranzz

12. James Howlett

13. Eobard Thawne

14. Taneleer Tivan

15. Michael Jon Carter

16. Barbara "Bobbi" Morse

17. Stephanie Brown

18. Cain Marko

19. Stephan Strange

20. Dave Lizewski

Answers below the jump


1. Red Robin

2. Scorpion

3. Black Lightning

4. Spawn

5. Cyborg Superman

6. Mr. Incredible

7. Marvel Boy

8. Wolfsbane

9. Impulse

10. Doctor Manhatten

11. Lightning Boy

12. Wolverine

13. Professor Zoom

14. The Collector

15. Booster Gold

16. Mockingbird

17. Spoiler

18. Juggernaut

19. Doctor Strange

20. Kick-Ass

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