Geek Quiz ♯24: DC

Ok guys, for this weeks quiz I've decided to go easy on you. The idea is simple, you're going to get a load of questions about the output of DC comics, that's it. Hopefully, people will be able to do this one (which will be a first).

So yeah, 10 questions, 15 points and as per usual No putting answers in the comments.

1. Who did the art for 1986's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns? (1)

2. Which of these Silver Age superheroes debuted first? (1)

a) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)  b) The Flash (Barry Allen)

c) Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz)  d) The Atom (Ray Palmer)

Bonus: Which comic series did they debut in? (1)

3. Who was the only member of The New Teen Titans to be added to the teams line up in the 1980 reboot of the team who wasn't making their debut comics appearance? (1)

Bonus: Which member of the original Teen Titans line up did not return to the team for this reboot? (1)

4. Who was the first member of the Legion Of Super-Heroes to get their own solo series (not including Superboy obviously)? (1)

5. Who was the first of the Endless from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series to debut in a DC comic? (1)

Bonus: In which comic did they debut? (2. I'll be nice because I'll be seriously seriously impressed if anyone gets this)

6. What was Wonder Woman's role during her original stint in the Justice Society of America? (1)

7. What century is The Reverse-Flash from? (1)

8. How many issues make up Alan Moore's The Watchmen? (1)

9. In which DC series does Darkseid debut in? (1)

Bonus: Who was the writer who created him? (1)

10. What is the name of the female Guardian of the Universe who formed the Blue Lantern Corps with Ganthet? (1)

Answers below


1. Frank Miller

2. c) Martian Manhunter

Bonus: Detective Comics

3. Changeling (who had been part of Doom Patrol as Beast Boy)

Bonus: Aqualad

4. Karate Kid

5. Destiny

Bonus: Weird Mystery Tales

6. She was the teams secretary

7. 25th

8. 12

9. Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen

Bonus: Jack Kirby

10. Sayd

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