Geek Quiz ♯22: Comic Book Classics

This week, on Geek Quiz.

10 questions on classic comic book stories, 20 points available, some people who are going to try and answer the questions (hopefully).

Oh and by now I shouldn't need to say this, but the week I don't put it will be the week it actually happens so, obviously Don’t Post Answers In The Comments.

1. The first arc of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series involved Dream searching for three items stolen from him when he was imprisoned. What are these three items? (3)

Bonus: Name the characters that have them. (3)

2. What is the name of the gang from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns? (1)

3. What causes Jean Grey to become the Dark Phoenix? (1)

4. Which of these characters was not featured as a villain in Marvels 1984-85 Secret Wars crossover? (1)

a) Doctor Doom   b) Magneto  c) Ultron  d) Doctor Octopus

5. Who was the villain of The Great Darkness Saga in The Legion Of Super-Heroes? (1)

Bonus: How does this villain get his revenge for this defeat? (1)

6. Who is the first character to die in Crisis On Infinite Earths? (1)

Bonus: Who is the last? (1)

7. What is the name of the Super-villain whose murder Rorshach is framed for in Watchmen? (1)

Bonus: what is the name of the pirate comic strip that features in the story? (1)

8. Which villain starred in the Fearful Symmetry storyline opposite Spider-Man? (1)

9. Name the three former members of staff at the Larkhill prison camp targeted by V in the first book of V For Vendetta. (3)

10. With the exception of Galactus and the Silver Surfer, which other powerful cosmic entity makes an appearance in 1966's Galactus Trilogy in The Fantastic Four? (1)

Answers below the jump.


1. A pouch of sand, his helm and the Dreamstone

Bonus: Rachel, Choronzon, Doctor Destiny

2. The Mutants

3. Mastermind's illusions.

4. Magneto (he was included as a hero but was ultimately "unaligned")

5. Darkseid

Bonus: He later kidnaps one of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl's twin sons and transform him into Validus.

6. Super-Woman of Earth 3

Bonus: Wonder Woman of Earth 1

7. Moloch

Bonus: Tales of the Black Freighter

8. Kraven The Hunter

9. Lewis Prothero, Bishop Anthony Lilliman, Dr. Delia Surridge

10. Uatu The Watcher

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