New Policy On Contests!

Okay folks, I am going to say this just once. I will NO LONGER TOLERATE  complaints about how contests are judged on any of the comment sections of any post on this blog. If you feel you have a legitimate complaint then contact JR via email please. If you can not find his email address then contact me and I will forward it on.My email address ( is rather easy to find as it is listed at the bottom of any of my blog posts just before the comment section.

I had a member of this community back when I first took the site over to run for Jeff that became a big problem when it came to contests and had to eventually Ban him from this site. He is the only person aside from Spam Bots that I have ever had to ban and I really would like to keep it that way so if you have a complaint take it up in private with Jr, myself, or as a last resort Jeff. Thank you!



I Have closed the comments to this Topic and will be deleting all comments in it tomorrow ( Sunday March 29th ).



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