Geek Quiz ♯17: Anime

As promised, this weeks quiz is on everyones favourite Japanese export (tied possibly with their video games, but way ahead of Sushi). Now, considering how broad a topic this is (much like last week), I haven't been able to come up with only 10 questions. However, I'm not going to do a two part quiz again, I've got a few other plans, so instead I've added 5 questions, so there's 20 points between 15 questions and even then there's a metric ton of anime's I've missed out. Maybe at a later date we'll do another quiz on this topic, depending on how people do on this one. Anyway, for next week's quiz I'm gonna give you guys the choice. Would you rather have a quiz on the X-Men or Doctor Who? Leave your vote with your scores in the comments below.

As I said, this week it's 15 questions with a total of 20 points to get. The answers will be below a jump from the post whilst on the main blog page, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, take a look at the questions on the blog first. And obviously Don’t Post Answers In The Comments.

1. Who is the captain of the Starship Bebop in Cowboy bebop? (1)

2. How many forms does Frieza have? (1)

3. Which of these series is the longest running? (1)

a) Dragon Ball Z              b) One Piece

c) Naruto Shippuden        d) Bleach

Bonus: Which is the shortest running? (1)

4. What causes Ranma's transformations in Ranma 1/2? (1)

5. What move does Simon use to defeat Guame's Gember in Gurren Lagann? (1)

6.Who is the first of the Homunculii to fight Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? (1)

Bonus: Who is the first Ed meets in the series? (1)

7. What is Sailor Moon's real name? (1)

8. Which of these partner Digimon is the odd one out? (1)

a) Agumon          b) Biyomon

c) Gomamon       d) Gatomon

9. What is the name of the parasite that inhabits Shinichi Izumi's hand in the series Parasyte? (1)

10. What year is Neon Genesis Evangelion set in? (1)

Bonus: When was the Second Impact? (1)

11. Who is the head of Public Security Seciton 9 in Ghost In The Shell? (1)

12. Which of these dark guilds from Fairy Tail is not a member of the Balam Alliance? (1)

a) Raven Tail          b) Tartarous

c) Oracion Seis      d) Grimoire Heart

Bonus: Who is its Guild Master? (1)

13. Who is the boss of the first floor of Sword Art Online? (1)

14. What is the name of the outer most wall in Attack On Titan? (1)

15. Which of these Studio Ghilbi films was released first? (1)

a) Spirited Away                  b) My Neighbour Totoro

c) Princess Mononoke      d) Howl's Moving Castle

Bonus: What was the first film released by the studio? (1)

Kaitō ni tsuite wa, ika o iku

1. Jet Black

2. 4

3. b) One Piece

Bonus: a) Dragon Ball Z

4. Being splashed with either cold or hot water

5. Giga Drill Break

6. Greed

Bonus: Wrath

7. Serena Tsukino (or Usagi Tsukino in the original Japanese version).

8. d) Gatomon (she is Champion level, whereas the others are all Rookie level)

9. Migi

10. 2015

Bonus: 2000

11. Lieutenant Colonel Daisuke Aramaki

12. a) Raven Tail

Bonus: Ivan Dreyar

13. Illfang the Kolbold Lord

14. Wall Maria

15. b) My Neighbour Totoro

Bonus: Castle In the Sky

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