Open Critique Day #16

Okay, finally get one on time after a while!

By the way, I won't be able to post any feedback after 4:00 pm CST (unless I have a moment to myself)  because I'm going on a trip with my school choir and I won't be back home until Tuesday midnight.

As for how this goes, you post a work of yours, finished or WIP (aka work in process, for those who are new to abbreviations), and then others give you critiques on your work.  I do not mind if you post the occasional non-HM picture or piece of writing. Just make sure that you only post pictures that are your own design and not any that copyrighted or based off of copyrighted characters. 

Also, if you post a work, it is highly recommended that you also give someone else a critique.

4 Responses to Open Critique Day #16

  1. Nug says:

    OK I’ll contribute…
    A while back I posted this to get yous guys opinions…

    It looks like this now, ( ) but I’m still not happy with it. I’m not sure if I want to shade it… at least not zyping. I don’t know if anyone has ever tried to shade with insignias, but I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how that may be done. Also I would like some opinions on accessories also. What does she need?? I wanna take this picture from “Hey! Thats kinda cool.” to “Wow!”

  2. Wolf Master says:

    Very nice. Instead of shading maybe a bit of blush on the cheeks. In the way of accessories maybe a ring or a necklace.

  3. Worf says:

    @Nug: Two things:
    1) That strong line between the arm and the body at the shoulder really makes it a foreign object unconnected to the rest of the body.
    2) That hand bothers me.

    Here is what I suggest:

    And here is the text for it:
    Text File

    Let me know how it turns out.

  4. FastestFalcon says:

    Note, I made this for the Mech competition, but didn’t finish it in time. any suggestions are welcome.