Geek Quiz ♯14: The World Of Tolkien

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone with the quiz, to allow all of you Trekkies out there to have a quiz all to yourselves. But this week I'm back in my element. Armed with A Guide To Tolkien, the internet, my personal collection of his books and my eclectic memory, this week I have devised a quiz on everyone's favourite fantasy world and its author. Have fun.

Also, if you have any suggestions for themes for the quiz you can suggest them below, or we could go back to doing non-themed mixed quizzes like the first few that we did on the blog.

As per usual, 10 questions with a total of 20 points to get. The answers will be below a jump from the post whilst on the main blog page, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, take a look at the questions on the blog first. And obviously Don't Post Answers In The Comments. We had a week off this rule last week because I know jack about Star Trek, but the rule is back in force.

1. What do the initials J. R. R stand for? (1)

2. Which University was Tolkien a professor of English Literature and Language at? (1)

Bonus- Which other famous author was a colleague and  literary group member of Tolkien's at this university between 1925- 1954? (1)

3. What does Melkor mean in the language of the Valar? (1)

Bonus- What does Morgoth mean in Elvish? (1)

4. Who was the first "King under the Mountain" of the Dwarves of Erebor? (1)

Bonus- Which kingdom did he rule previously? (1)

5. What are the four primary areas of the Shire collectively known as? (1)

6. Name the three "breeds" of Hobbit. (3)

7. What is the more recognisable name for the creatures known in the language of the High Elves as the Valaraukar? (1)

8. Which of these creatures of Middle Earth and the Undying Lands was created first? (1)

a) Spiders                       b) Trolls

c) Ents                           d) Eagles

9. What is the capital city of the kingdom of Angmar? (1)

10. Name the 5 Istari (5)

Answers below the jump. They mustn't peek precious, no they mustn't.

1. John Ronald Reuel

2. Oxford

Bonus- C. S. Lewis

3. He who arises in might

Bonus- The dark enemy of the world.

4. Thrain I

Bonus- Moria

5. The Four Farthings

6. Harfoots, Stoors, Fallohides

7. The Balrogs

8. d) Eagles

9. Carn Dûm

10. Saruman, Gandalf, Radagast, Pallando, Alatar

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