Ideas wanted

Sooo, I am having a bit of writers block at the moment and can't think of anything to write about presently. When I get like this I turned to you for your suggestions. What would you like me to write about for tomorrow's post? Give me your suggestions. The topics I normally write about are :

Anime Talk - Anything anime ( if I know about it anyway ), not so much on Manga as I don't read it but if I find something interesting I will discuss it.

Bad Super Costumes - pretty self-explanatory, if there is a costume in comics, super movies, heck even anime and manga that I think is bad it gets discussed here, though I haven't done one of these in a long long time.

Poll Position - Basically I pick a subject like what Spiderman costume is better, or who would win in a fight between X and Y and put up a poll for you to vote on. Again I haven't done one of these in a long while.

Kaldath's Corner - I write about any old thing that piques my interest that doesn't fall into one of the categories above.


So as I said I can't come up with an idea to write about this week so make me a suggestion and hopefully one of them will break this writers block. If not I apologize in advance for not writing anything of interest this week!

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7 Responses to Ideas wanted

  1. BRHeine says:

    I read the blogs often but I rarely post. Thought I might have some ideas for you though.

    1) Make up a superhero or villain bio accompanied by a character designed on the site. If you like Superhero RPG’s include a section on character creation so readers can use the character in their own game. Or have a contest for readers to design the character just from the bio and list of powers.

    2) Use the site to create an established hero from one of the major companies. Maybe a 3rd-tier character not seen in comics in since the silver or golden age. It can be a “how to” on using the available items in new and unique ways. Or a “master class” series of tutorial teaching us some of the tricks you’ve used to make characters.

    3) Famous Writer/Artist Contest. Everyone tries to invent a character that a famous writer might have invented. Alternately we create a character in the “drawing style” of a famous artist. For example A Rob Liefeld contest would be fun and look ridiculous.

  2. JR19759 says:

    Kaldath have you heard about this? What do you think about it?
    As for ideas, well for anime talk how about some retrospectives on some old classics such as Dragonball, Cowbow Bebop, NeoGenesis Evangelion (can’t remember if you’ve done this one or not) and/ or Sailor Moon. I would suggest a few others but I don’t know what you’ve watched and what you haven’t (I just said those three because they are pretty universal). Bad Super Costumes doesn’t have to be restricted to Comics does it? If not Colin Baker’s Doctor Who is long over due a mention. As for Poll Position, there’s plenty of vs. match ups that could be interesting if you just think out side the box. For example, would Scarecrow’s fear gas prove effective on Daredevil, could Darth Vadar take on a squadron of Daleks, how would Goku fare against Doomsday, could Hellboy take down Ghost Rider or Blue Devil, how would V compare to Rorschach if the two were ever to face off? Just to name a few. I’m sure I could come up with a few more if needs be.

    @BRHeine- Your second idea is completely out of the question. The site has already got into trouble for copyright reasons and that would just be inviting lawsuits.

  3. keric says:

    Why do you do Anime Talk? For people like me, these are the anime I’ve watched. Naruto(through ep 20) Yugioh(through 5 d’s) Pkmn(up to date) Deathnote Xxxholic Hell girl Chaotic Slayers(series) and Wallflower. There may be others that I have forgotten, or count as American made (Voltron Jem), but I would like to know about some of them before try to see them (thank you for the heads up to Sword art- I would not have liked the theme. )
    If you want a rec’ to see Hell girl is good, but Warning~deals are made with a devilish character.

  4. Kaldath says:

    @JR, I did not know about the petition though I did know about the “white washing” issue. The petition may be worth revisiting the Ghost in the Shell movie issue.

    @keric, I Write Anime Talk because I am very interested in the topic of Anime and want to discuss many things about it. I have been watching Anime for somewhere around 22 years, though it is only in the last maybe 3 or 4 years that I have been able to really watch it in any quantity. I never have the money to go out and buy anime videos/dvd’s and finding the “free” stuff to view on the web can be a chore unless you already know what you want to watch by title.

    Now with Netflix, Hulu and CrunchyRoll I have access to hundreds of titles. I do mostly reviews though I do want to explore more then just reviews with the forums by the example of my first Anime Talk ever being a discussion on fan service but reviews for me anyway seem to be easier to write.

    Well now that I am done rambling along I will get back to waiting for everyone’s suggestion, though I think I have a couple ideas sparked off by the two of you to contemplate and see if I can flesh one of them out for tomorrows post. But keep the ideas coming peeps your feed back in what you are all interested in will help me in the long run then you can guess at.

  5. WillyPete says:

    Well, for BAD superhero Costumes, there is always the Most Excellent Superbat, of Super Young Team ‘fame’…
    The group picture really doesn’t do the costume Justice (which would probably require many gallons of “Dip” from “Who Killed Roget Rabbit?”)!

    For Poll Position, you could always go to , and psot several panels of (mostly 1970s) Superman being… less than kind, shall we say? 😉 Then, have everyone vote on which is the best example! Or, perhaps (if you feel like working a little harder), come up with similar examples of other JLA members (notably Batman), and have a Poll to determine which of them is the biggest… ingrate of all!

    Good Luck!

  6. Worf says:

    @JR: Interesting what you think is classic Anime. Really shows the generation gap. My classics are more in line with Bubblegum Crisis, Project A-Ko and Fist of the Northstar. Been forever since I saw them, but those are really classic.

  7. Wolf Master says:

    How about writing about your opinions on the costumes in latest and upcoming comic movies and tv series’, with comparison to the comics and so on.