Geek Quiz ♯11: The Avengers

This week we're going to be concentrating on Marvel's premier superhero team for our quiz. No prizes for guessing what next weeks quiz will be.

As per usual, 10 questions with a total of 20 points to get and don’t post answers in the comments, just your scores. The answers will be below a jump from the post whilst on the main blog page, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, take a look at the questions on the blog first.

1. Which of these heroes has never been a member of The Avengers? (1 Point)

a) Daredevil                    b) Captain Mar-Vell

c) The Thing                   d) Beast

2. Who were the founding members of the West Coast Avengers? ( 5 Points)

3. What issue of The Avengers did Captain America join the team? (1 Point)

4. Hulk resigned from the Avengers team in issue 2 of the original series run. When did he officially rejoin the team as a full member? (1 Point, issue number or cover date is acceptable)

5. Name the Avengers members who "die" in the Avengers Dissassembled storyline. (3 Points)

6. How many issues did the Kree- Skrull war storyline of the early 70's last? (1 Point)

Bonus- Who was the person to "end" the war at the stories climax? (1 Point)

7. Who was the only female founding member of the New Avengers? (1 Point)

Bonus- Who turned down their invitation to join the team? (1 Point)

8. How many costumed identities has Hank Pym used as a member of the Avengers? (1 Point)

Bonus- Name them all (1 Point)

9. What was the cover date of the very first issue of The Avengers? (1 Point)

10. What year did the original Avengers comic series end? (1 Point)

Bonus- How many issues did this run include? [To the nearest 10, I'll be nice] (1 Point)


1. b) Captain Mar-Vell (he was given honorary membership posthumously)

2. Hawkeye, Mockingbird, War Machine, Wonder Man, Tigra

3. Issue 4 (March 1964)

4. Avengers vs. X-Men issue 11, September 2012

5. Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Vision, Hawkeye

6. 8 (Issue 89- 97)

Bonus- Rick Jones

7. Spider-Woman

Bonus- Daredevil

8. 5

Bonus- Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, The Wasp

9. September 1963

10. 1996

Bonus- 402

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