Caption Contest Hiatus

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, or morning or afternoon depending on when you are reading this! I write this post to inform you all that I have decided to take a break from doing Kaldath's Caption Contest for a while. Between the low turn out that contest has been getting in past month or so, as well as a general feeling of being burned out on it I figure it is time to step away before it stops being fun to do. I am not sure when I will start them up again but hopefully I can get my caption mojo back soon. In the mean time I will try to give you something each week to replace the contest, weather that be an Edition of Anime Talk, or a Kaldath's Corner, a bad Super costume or something else entirely I will try my best to keep you good folk entertained on Wednesdays! ( Starting next week since I did  an Anime Talk yesterday! )

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