Kaldath’s Caption Contest #55 – Results

Last week I asked you all for your best dialogue for the following image:

Bucky and Cap 1


Here are my top Five entries:



Buckey: Wait Cap It’s Christmas the mall is packed you’ll be trampled

Capt. America: Sorry Buckey but I must get the Batman TV DVD box set!


Bucky: Please dont take it away, I promise I wont go sledding on your shield anymore!

Cap: That’s the last straw mister, I am gonna tell on you to Santa.


Bucky: Wait! I can’t go out in public like this!

Captain America: If Batman’s sidekick can wear the tights, boy, then so can you!


Bucky: Cap, I’m sorry,but i did’nt know what else to do.!

Cap:Thats it, Bucky were through! I’ve told you and I’ve told you, My shield is not to be used as a pizza dish.


B: But you promised!!!!

C: You can sit in Santa’s lap another time.


And our winner is ...................................



Bucky and Cap 2

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