The Big Question ♯28

This week we'll keep it short and sweet with the Big Question. Like the previous 2, this one is going to be heromachine related.

So, question is, what Blog series, past or present, is/ was your favourite? Personally I'd have to go with the Power User Profiles. It's nice to learn more about the people who use this site and, as we have a Hall of Fame for pictures but not one for users, it's nice to reward those who contribute to the community.

So, over to you guys. What's your favourite blog series that we've had on the Heromachine Blog?

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3 Responses to The Big Question ♯28

  1. Herr D says:

    Right up there with the PUPs, I liked the choose-your-own A & B bug story we started.

  2. Legatus says:

    Back in the days my favorite blog series was “Bad Costume Day” or whatever it was called. Simply hilarious!

  3. Worf says:

    Both good mentions above, I remember loving when Jeff did the Sketch of the day series. That was so good….