The Big Question ♯27

You know guys, the 200th Contest got me thinking, we've had two contests now where we've been asked to enter what we think is our best ever work. But what would enter if you had to pick someone else's work? What is you favourite piece of heromachine artwork that someone else has done?

It's not an easy decision this one, I mean there's been so many great artworks all the way from the classics from people like Zyp, AMS or djuby, to the more recent additions from 'machiners such as Valyndril, Jeimuzu or Stulte. But having considered it long and hard, personally, I'm gonna have to go with this one by SeanDavidRoss.

You know how, last week I said about when I first found the blog side of the site. Well this was one of the first pictures I stubbled across when I did find the blog. It looked like it was hand coloured then and still does. Ok, looking at it now compared to some of the more clean and neat shading styles that people have adopted since, it does look a bit rough in some places. But that really doesn't matter. It's still a stunning piece of art.

So that's my pick, now it's over to you guys. You can mention more than one if you so wish, I'm not that mean, I'm just interested and I don't have anything better to post today.

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9 Responses to The Big Question ♯27

  1. Nug says:

    Delirious Al’s “Rum”

    To this day I still cant figure out how he did the mouth.

  2. Worf says:

    @JR: Way to pick an impossible question to answer. Even just browsing the Hall of Fame is staggering. If I go back to all the stuff I’ve seen in the contests (I’ve been here since #1 in the Jeff Era) I could give you a non-numbered list of about 100, but to pick one? Hell, just the list of people would be pretty big like, Tarkabarka, HamerKnight, Djuby, AMS, Zyp, SeanDavidRoss, DiCicatriz, Kaldath, Blue Blazer, Headlesgeneral…. I could go on and on…

    So NO! I REFUSE TO PLAY! 😉 😛

  3. RobM says:

    What Worf said about this being difficult… but I’m going to go with Harlequin’s Alice the Skate Girl because I think believable, unusual perspective is the hardest thing to do in the ‘Machine.

  4. Herr D says:

    There would just be so many favorites by category for me–does anyone remember the recreation of the Mona Lisa? I can’t find it or even remember who did it.

  5. TOOL says:

    I can’t say for sure what exact work or user has stood out to me during my time here. There have been many good entries made. I would agree with RobM about Harlequin’s art work. He/She really knows how to take the machine and make it do things that most people can’t. I think it would be nice to see more works entered into the Hall of Fame as well.

  6. Worf says:

    @Nug: Thanks for the exercise. Roughly what you want is this:

    And here is how you achieve it. It’s two ofthe sideways head masked so it “splits” at the lips and one crescent isignia masked so only part of the curved edge appears to form the rest of the open mouth. Here is the image with the masking agents highlighted:

  7. Keric says:

    This was my first introduction to prswirve~ his entry for my carnival contest… with this piece, I knew that he was one to watch!
    [quote=18421]here’s my entry

    and up close…


  8. djuby says:

    For me, AMS and Scatman represent the gold standard. Amazing stuff.

  9. CantDraw says:

    JR, if you hadn’t posted that picture, I would have. I remember seeing that before I understood what all I could do in HM. That is one of the main ones I drew inspiration from when I started shading/highlighting.