Kaldath's Caption Contest #42 – Results

Greeting Folks, Sorry for the delay in judging this weeks caption contest, I had a busy day and just got home. So Lets get to it!

Last week I asked you to give me your best dialogue for the following image:

CB and DP 1

And As usually here are my top five entries:

Deadpool: Hey, we’re starring in a caption contest
Captain Britain: Caption… what?

Captain Britain: “As ridiculous as this is, it’s the only way to keep Deadpool from learning the true nature of our mission.”
Deadpool: “Too bad for him, I already read this issue like, six times.”

Someone Else
Captain Britain: What he doesn’t know is that I’m not really Captain Britain!
Deadpool: What HE doesn’t know is I can read his thought balloons.

Deadpool: Sooo C.B. now that I look the part can I make the moves on The Queen?
Captain Britain: Wow! Wolverine was right, you really are a bloody twit!

Deadpool: So what fashion school taught you to dress like that again?
Captain Britain: Elementary, my dear Deadpool. Elementary.

and the winner is ............................


CB and DP 2

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