JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 3- Robot Of Sherwood

Oh dear. I don't actually want to write this.

Hopefully that'll set the tone for what's to come after the jump. Sorry guys *gives pained and defeated smile*

I honesty don't know where to start here. I don't even think I can seriously and analytically judge or review this episode. And this episode was written by Mark Gatiss, the man who has done some of the best Doctor Who episodes of the revived series (The Unquiet Dead, Night Horrors, The Crimson Horror and Cold War). Mark, you are so much better than this. This episode was a joke, honestly. Lets kick off with the fact it's Robin Hood. Dude, I know he's met King Arthur before, but that at least was in a parallel reality. And he immediately fightings him in a sword fight. With a spoon. Over a convenient 12th century concrete block over a stream. Then we have that archery contest. The pointless bickering. The fact that the Doctor and Clara don't think to try to shut the soon-to-explode engines down whilst there's a sword fight going on. Oh, and then we have the golden arrow bit. *facepalm* Sorry if it sounds like I'm being a killjoy here, but I will happily accept the title if this is the standard of episode we are to expect from  this season. Oh, and this episode had Ben Miller in it. WHY DID YOU TAKE THE JOB MAN? Surely you have more pride than that. Actually, why did no-one kill this episode at the scripting stage. Moffet? Surely this show isn't a kids show anymore, but this episode might as well have been  an episode of Maid Marian and her Merry Men. Also, is it just me or are they starting to move away from the whole space idea and starting to focus more on episodes set on Earth, travelling in time. Last season only had one "space" episode and out of the three so far, two have been set on Earth and it looks like the next one will be too. Just a thought.

Positives? Um, some good England jokes (It's never sunny in Nottingham and "Worksop"). Um, Clara being the voice of reason against the bickering brothers (though still not doing enough to convince me of her worth, sorry). Oh and more "The Promised Land" stuff. I'm starting to wonder if The Promised Land might be Gallifrey, but then I really want the hunt for the home of the Time Lords to be this seasons arc and I'm so far not seeing it.

So yeah. Sorry for being a killjoy here, but this episode was bad. Hopefully next week can get us back on an upward curve.

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