Kaldath's Caption Contest #37

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Machiners of all ages!!! I am here to once again bring you our weekly caption contest! Your challenge this week should you choose to accept it is to give me your best replacement dialogue for all three word bubble for this image from the Guardians Of The Galaxy comic:



The usual rules apply, You are limited to Three (3) entries which are due by 2 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday August 5th.  Of course I as always expect you to keep your entries no worse then PG-13 in nature and that you follow all the normal rules of the forum when writing your caption for the above image. That being said I wish you all Good luck!

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17 Responses to Kaldath's Caption Contest #37

  1. CantDraw says:

    Box 1 (Star-Lord?): Well, set my phaser to stun! You’re one hot Orion babe.

    Raccoon: Geez! Doesn’t he know what movie he’s in? I think I need a dandelion break. What about you?

    Groot: THBBFT!

    I’m going for the two times cultural reference – Star Trek (obviously) and Bloom County.

  2. Calvary_Red says:


    Star-Lord: “I am Groot.”
    Rocket: “I am Groot.”
    Groot: “I am not amused.”

  3. darkwing44 says:

    Starlord: I’m Pregnant
    Rocket Racoon: Shouldn’t she be saying that.
    Groot: He’s One Confused Human

  4. DarkSpyder99 says:

    Starlord: Are you from space? Cause I’m seeing stars in your eyes…
    Rocket Racoon: Oh wow, you can tell THIS is gonna go well…
    Groot: I am so confused…

  5. Collex says:

    Star-Lord: “I know you want it. But you’re a good girl. The way you grab me. Must wanna get nasty.
    Go ahead, get at me.”

    Rocket: You know buddy, I think buying him this “eye-pod” was a mistake.

    Groot: I am Groot!

  6. TheDrMoosesGoose says:

    Star-Lord: “I’m getting married.”
    Rocket: “I thought we agreed we were going to tell her together.”
    Groot: “Not in my house.”

  7. KatmirStone says:

    [Star-Lord] “I-I-I, I’m hooked on a feelin’! High on believin’… that you’re in love with meee!”

    [Rocket] “Five space bucks says she slaps him.”

    [Groot] “Ten she sings along.”

  8. gemmashine12 says:

    1) Star-Lord: “Your hair is green but your eyebrows are black.”
    Groot: “I don’t have eyebrows.”
    Rocket: “You don’t have a brain either.”
    2) Star-Lord: “You’re so beautiful, like fertilized grass.”
    Rocket: “He leaned in closer, and-”
    Groot: “Wait. Is this a kissing book?”
    3) Star-Lord: “So do you have a sister? Or 10?”
    Rocket: “Close your eyes Groot. This isn’t going to be pretty.”
    Groot: “Please don’t make me give the eulogy.”

  9. Caleb Collins says:

    1. I hope the rest of the team doesn’t find out about us so just keep staring at me,plus i would just…
    2. (Racoon) You know u said that out loud and for u are dumber than groot right groot.
    3. ….groooooooooottttttt!

  10. WillyPete says:

    Star Lord: “Don’t worry, I have a Plan!”
    Rocket: “Well, he’s got 12 percent of a plan…”
    Groot: Actually says, “Technically, he only has 11.985734 percent of a plan…”, which due to problems
    Humanoids have understanding his speech, comes out as “I am Groot!”

  11. Herr D says:

    (Top, then left, then right)
    1. T: I see my future in your eyes. L: If they kiss, I’m gonna puke. R: Why does future look like slap?
    2. T: I’ve got wood for you. L: Uh oh. R: Yeah, I’M leavin’!
    3. T: Does the ‘coon really need the scratching post? L: Does he need his FACE? R: Sic’ ‘im!

  12. skybandit says:

    Star Lord: Natasha, we must kill twig and squirrel, mwa-ha-ha-ha!
    Rocky: I miss Bullwinkle.
    Groot: Twig?

    Star Lord: Wow, you ARE allergic to cats! You’re all green!
    Rocky: Looks bad for me, scratching post.
    Groot: I WAS a houseplant!

    Star Lord: So you don’t like me because I’m human? That’s racist!
    Rocky: Humans are tiny… down there!
    Groot: Hers has TEETH!

  13. Mad Jack says:

    Starlord: … and that`s how humans reproduce. I hope you understand now that what you saw me do, was completely natural.

    Rocky: I knew these earthlings were weird, but this beats everything I ever imagined.

    Groot: I am Gro…ssed out. Urgh!

  14. KSW says:

    Star-Lord: Wait, You can commit hundreds of intergalactic Crimes But i Can’t drink the milk with my mouth !

    Rocket:This may not be a good time but… i peed on you when you were sleeping

    Groot: Groot!?

  15. Mad Jack says:

    A little variation:

    Starlord: … and that`s how humans reproduce. I hope you understand now that what I tried to do with you last night was perfectly natural.

    Rocky: Flowers and Bees? Seriously?! What a little pervert …

    Groot: I am Gro…ssed out. Urgh!

  16. TOOL says:

    1. So would you like to hook up sometime? 2. I’d say his chances of getting some resemble those of a speeder bike troopers trying to go through the forests of Endor. 3. Groot. ( totally )

  17. Prozo7 says:

    Might be late for this but…

    Starlord: I love you, Gamora

    Rocket: He’s kiddin’, right?

    Groot: I… Am Groot