The Special Poll Position: Batgirl Redesign – Results

Batgirl Costume Tests

Ok one week has past since I put this redesign up for discussion and your vote and the results are in. I asked you if you Loved, Hated, or were just Meh to this Batgirl costume and this is what you, our fine HeroMachine community has told me based on your votes.

Love It: 188 votes

Meh to it: 89 votes

Hate it: 38 votes

So it appears that more of you guys and gals out there love this design then those that hate it and are meh to it combined! It is interesting to note that as WillyPete pointed out though the vote was so heavily slanted towards loving it yet no one from that camp came forward to tell us way. So here is one last chance for you to come forwards and let us know your reasons behind the way you voted. Don't be shy we don't bite around, well not much away!!

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4 Responses to The Special Poll Position: Batgirl Redesign – Results

  1. KSW says:

    I like That now she has A leather jacket And a cap that unsnaps and that she has matte stripes Personally I like this one more than the old one

  2. Gene says:

    You know, I honestly didn’t put a ton of thought into it, and I don’t like it more than the prior costumes, but I do like it. It’s got a weird Modern/Retro vibe to it. I’m not realy sure how old Batgirl is supposed to be now a days, but the one in the picture, with the new costume, looks pretty young, and I think the costume looks good on a younger hero. If she’s supposed to be an adult, then it might not look so good.

    She looks more like she’d hang out with Young Justice, than the Justice League.

  3. DiCicatriz says:

    I don’t remember voting in the last poll, but I like this costume a lot.

    It’s modern, clean, there is an abundance of seams/snaps/zippers/buckles indicative of the Nu52 style, but they all at least make some semblance of sense in terms of construction. It’s a meatier outfit for sure, but that makes sense for a physical brawler like Barbara. She looks like she could take a few hits in this outfit, it looks a bit more protective than the skintight alternatives. The matte black stripes seem a bit overwrought to me, but I mean I suppose it adds a stealthiness to take the edge off the shiny leather. The exposed neckline is fun, a little sexy, makes her look young.

    From what I recall about the complaints in the last thread, people weren’t a fan of the big old boots. Questions were raised about the ‘practicality’ the ‘stealthiness’ and ‘flexibility’ of them. I say pshaw. She makes a living out of kicking people in the face. These are way better than the thigh-high heels of yore. Batman wears big old black shitkickers and nobody complains about those. Let Babs have her own pair!

  4. KSW says:

    I agree with Gene he just read my mind