Kaldath's Caption Contest #35 – Results

Last week I asked for your best replacement dialogue for the following image:

MoonKnight - Batman 1

And here are my top five entries:


Potty emergency, I had bean-burritos for lunch!!!!!



Stand aside Bat, a new moon shall brighten this dark knight!



“Move aside…say, have you been working out?”


gemmashine12 :

RUN AWAY! I mean…ahem…I’ll let you handle this one.



That new Beach Barbie is mine. MINE I SAY!


In the end there can be only one winner and that winner is ...............


RUN AWAY! I mean…ahem…I’ll let you handle this one.

MoonKnight - Batman 2


Unfortunately I am unable to upload images to the blog at this time and thus can't add the winners text to the image like I normally do, also that also means no new caption contest until this issue is resolved.

Edit: Seems the issue has been fixed

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