Pop Quiz Winner-Friday the 13th

Great entries this round, and the delay was due to the fact that I just could not make up my mind.


Vectorman-Love the colour combination and the ethnic vibe.


Nug - absolutely creepy - reminds me of a leather death mask.


HerrD - bloody wonderful - the spike detail is a nice touch.


PMD - Well composed - harkens back to a lost civilization - nice job.


Roguejak - The tribal skull image is very creative and very well done.


Stinger - killer clowns are so creepy! Reminds me of Pennywise. Good job.


Cliff - always been fascinated by Oni, and this is beautifully done.

So a winner huh?...

This week I have to go with Nug. While I also loved Vectorman's and Cliff's entries, the very idea of coming face to face with Nug's mask is just too scary!


Please join me in congratulating Nug, and thanks to all those who entered.

4 Responses to Pop Quiz Winner-Friday the 13th

  1. Vectorman316 says:

    Nice one, Nug! That mask is freaky deaky!

  2. Herr D says:

    –It looks just like me inhaling too deep against my E.D.G.A.R. suit? What? Oh. GOOD ONE, NUG! . . . Yeah my suckers are too sticky today. Too many Oreos–

  3. Herr D says:

    Thank you, djuby. I didn’t bother making a claw hammer to get the mask OFF with . . .

  4. Nug says:

    Thanks guys! You all did awesome jobs on your mask as well!
    Herr D… You definitely gonna need a claw hammer! 😉