Kaldath's Caption Contest #28 – Results

Last week I asked you to give me your best dialogue for the following image:

SM Tangle

After a brief delay I now have my top five which are ..........


Herr D: R: You’d kiss ME in the rain, wouldn’t you!

                     S: uh . . .

Herr D R: Can I watch you get the ruffians and thugs?

                    S: Can I borrow your frying pan?

SkyBandit: “Can I join the Avengers?”
                             “We already have Medusa”

Nick Hentschel : “Is it really true that YOURS dissolves after an hour?”

                                         “Lemme guess: having a bad hair day?”

Keric : ru: So, Could you say we’re both swingers?

                 Spidie: And she WENT THERE, folks!

And the winner is ..............................

Nick Hentschel 

SM Tangle 2

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