Character Design Contest ♯69- Non-Humanoid

For this weeks challenge I want you guys to create something in a non-humanoid form. As long as it's a living being without the standard one head, two arms and two legs (in the normal positions) then it's applicable. Hopefully this should give y'all an opportunity to get creative.

As per usual, no limits on entries this week and the contest will close at midnight Saturday (blog time). The winner gets to claim a custom made item from dblade to be put into heromachine, so long as the item conforms to his prize rules, which you can find here: Please read the contest rules before entering, have fun and good luck.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings. Only post characters that you have either created for this contest specifically or you know for certain have never been entered to a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

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25 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯69- Non-Humanoid

  1. Amineh says:

    I hope it qualifies this time!
    Behold! The Naughty Flower!!

  2. bobmason says:

    Would a half human have robot be considered a humanoid?

  3. JR19759 says:

    @bobmason- Anything with a human like body would be considered humanoid. I would include within that human top half and mechanical legs/ tracks.

  4. Skoul says:

    Ye best be trembiln’ if fear of the mighty BONE SPIDER!

    (There are two pictures because every time I exported, it cut of the top of the spider. I tried to scale everything down, but as soon as I exported it reset again. Is there any way I can get around this?)

  5. jaystriker748 says:

    I hope mine qualifies if not please tell me thanks!


  6. jaystriker748 says:


  7. JR19759 says:

    @jaystriker- nope, doesn’t qualify, still humanoid.
    @PMD-Warrior- Open the image in a new tab and then post that link in the reply box please.

  8. WillyPete says:

    I’m pretty sure CatMan doesn’t qualify, either…

  9. JR19759 says:

    @WillyPete- True.

  10. NHA247 says:

    I dont usually say anything on here about characters looking similar to others, but this one was a little to similar to my own.

    My Grindor that I created and uploaded before.

    Jaystriker uploaded this.

    Im fine with people recreating my creations, just not using them as your own.

  11. jaystriker748 says:

    @NHA247 your right im not gonna lie i tried to take one of your characters and i feel i should be disqualified from this weeks contest by the way NHA you have extreme talent sorry

  12. Kaldath says:

    Hmmmm, I will be deleting Jay’s character from this thread, as to weather or not he has been disqualified I will leave up to JR as it is his contest!

  13. Vectorman316 says:

    Don’t think I’ve entered this one for a contest yet. If I have, then by all means, tell me.

  14. Herr D says:

    What’s got shiny blue plates like a beetle, only four legs, and eats something that begins with a ‘V?’

    uh . . . that.

  15. Herr D says:

    Gah! Let’s try that again.

    What’s got shiny blue plates like a beetle, only four legs, and eats something that begins with a ‘V?’

    Uh . . . that.

  16. Vampyrist says:

    A Kagaran is an alien race that has no legs, only four arms which it uses to move around with.

  17. JR19759 says:

    Ok guys, this weeks contest is closed. The poll will be up shortly.