No Kaldath Character Challenge This week

The last few weeks have seen a decline in the participation of my Character redesign challenge so I figure I would give it a break for a  week or two. Perhaps people are too busy working on FNF entries ? ( I hope so as that isn't looking all the good at the moment either ) .. Regardless the challenge will be back next week, or the week after, until then happy Machining!

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2 Responses to No Kaldath Character Challenge This week

  1. William Peterson says:

    Perhaps you could solicit characters from other artists for the Challenge? Your stuff is *very* good, but I’m noticing a heavy lean towards fantasy-themed Heroes among them. Maybe a little variety would help increase participation?

  2. Scorp says:

    I think the trouble is, people don’t really want to recreate other creators work. You always produce fine work Kaldath (as do so many other people here) and I think it is hard for someone to try and get a grasp and feel of someone else’s designs. Creating your own characters/worlds is such a personal thing, it’s hard for other creators to try and replicate on that. That’s my personal view anyway. It’s your world Kaldath, and you make a damn good job of your creations, I just don’t feel I can add anything to it.

    Hope that makes sense.