Kaldath's Caption Contest #21 – Results

Last week on Kaldath's Caption Challenge #21 I asked you to give me your best replacement Dialogue for this image:



There was a lot of interest in this weeks contest and a lot of great entires, but I as always I need to pick out the 5 that for me stood out above the rest, and then name a winner so lets get to it!

My Top Five 

Calvary_Red: “Don’t worry, Batsy, this is just the sedative.”

Frankie: “Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! Splatman, Splatman.”

hawk007: I warned him! I told him to lose my number!

 HammerKnight: “Next time leave a tip.”

KatmirStone: “Trust me, this beats electroshock therapy, Bat-hunk!”


And your winner is ....................................



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