Kaldath's Character Challenge #5 – Results

Last week I asked you to redesign these characters for me:

Mejeer Twins -Brittney & Mae HM3



Not a great turn out for this particular challenge and with only three entries to choose from I am declaring this one a three way tie!





Congratulations to all three of you, for your hard work on these images!

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2 Responses to Kaldath's Character Challenge #5 – Results

  1. MScat says:

    Woohoo I won! Oh wait…

    Haha Just kidding. Wish more people had entered…I would’ve liked to see more interpretations, but you guys did awesome.

    @D – I like how you showed the different personalities of the girls in their hair styles.

    @headlessgeneral – Your highlights and shading looked fantastic.

  2. D says:

    Thanks, M. You guys did a fantastic job on yours. I actually had more trouble with Mae (at least, I assume her name is Mae and not Mia) than I did with Britney; I had no idea how she was going to look. I eventually opted for a fairly modest Mortal Kombatesque design ala Princess Kitana (I’m a big MK fan!)
    As for Britney, I wanted to play up the street punk aspect of the character so as to further distinguish her from Mae, but not go so so far as to make her a caricature.

    Originally Britney’s flight power was going to be an extension of her ability to control machines (i.e. she was going to have mind-controlled wings not unlike Dr Octopus’ arms) and Mae’s an extension of her magical abilities, rather than be separate powers (i.e. her wings could appear and disappear at will,) but I decided to keep it simple instead.