Kaldath's Character Challenge #5

Greeting everyone, it is time for a new character redesign challenge and considering the less then stellar turn out the last two challenge with male characters I return to the ladies. This one I do not have just one character for you, but TWO. I present for your creative redesign efforts the Mejeer Twins, Brittney and Mea!

Mejeer Twins -Brittney & Mae HM3

Characters Info: These two ladies are twin sister and share most of the same powers. They both have winged flight powers, they both are highly agile,  both have minor shape shifting abilities allowing them to change their facial features, as well as adjust there height by 2 feet in either direction and make slight alteration to skin and hair color. Also both of them have the ability to disrupt another persons nervous system by touch to various different effect. Brittney has one power she does not share with her sister, and is able to directly interface with any machine she touches and control it with her mind, While Mea on the other hand has her own power that Brittney does not, which is the ability to briefly pause the flow of time for everyone but herself. Another difference in the two girls is that Mae is a Mage and uses magic free, while Brittney is more of a street tough and focuses on high tech gadgets and weapons.

The Rules: No limit on the number of entries you can submit in your attempts at redesigning the above image, however you most keep within the rules of the forum and blog when creating your entries. You have until Monday January 13th at 12 noon Eastern Time to submit all your entries, and the winner will be announce the next day. Good luck everyone and happy HeroMachineing!

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