Character Design Contest ♯54- Old School: Flying

Okay, lets get this thing back up and running after the Christmas break.

So, what I want you guys to do this week is create an old school style flying hero. Capes are optional, as are wings, but I'd like to keep this gadget-less please, no Iron Man style armour suits or such-like. You'll find out why in a couple of weeks.

As per usual, no limits on entries this week, the contest will close at midnight Saturday (blog time). Please read the rules before entering, have fun and good luck.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings. Only post characters that you have either created for this contest specifically or you know for certain have never been entered to a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

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46 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯54- Old School: Flying

  1. Anarchangel says:

    Just to clarify, when you say “old school” are you looking for a golden age style hero or can it be a modern flying hero?

  2. JR19759 says:

    By Old School I meant it’s an Old School style challenge, like Hammerknight did with a few of his earlier CDC’s. The hero can be from any era in any style.

  3. FRM says:

    and, by the way, thee metal suit is just to keep him from disintegrating. sort of a Captain Atom type of thing.

  4. FRM says:

    whoops! typo.

  5. headlessgeneral says:

    Oh boy! Based on the first three entries so far, this is going to be a good one!

  6. Timedrop23 says:

    I haven’t used her in a contest before, so here, once again, is my Chris Cornell-inspired albino heroine and master of all things other-dimension-y, Moth. As per the contest, she can fly, too: Timedrop23-Moth

  7. Timedrop23 says:

    From my Plague villains collection:

  8. Timedrop23 says:

    Making use of HK’s old head-on flying pose for my Clockwork group shot, the newest design of Lady Icarus: Timedrop23-Lady Icarus

  9. Timedrop23 says:

    And my favorite flier design (besides Vectorman’s Dark Star above), the Shadow version of Shield from my Clockwork group, Nightshade: Timedrop23-Nightshade

  10. Magnus Maximus says:

    Would outfitting a companion with regular character items count as cheating? Or should we try to be more creative than that?

  11. skybandit says:

    @ Magnus Maximus: One of my few wins was a companion. I drafted one of the dinosaurs into the military.

  12. headlessgeneral says:

    Entry #1

    Fly Guy – Earth’s mightiest defender of old school hip-hop

  13. Keric says:

    Magnus Maximus:
    Would outfitting a companion with regular character items count as cheating? Or should we try to be more creative than that?

    There is no rule against it… If you are asking if it will increase your chances of winning, I’d say it depends on how well it turns out! If you have time try both options… (either way good luck!)

  14. Timedrop23 says:

    Another flying entry comes from my New Olympians team: Tina Pallas, the Golden Owl of Athena.
    Timedrop23-Tina Pallas

  15. JR19759 says:

    Magnus Maximus:
    Would outfitting a companion with regular character items count as cheating? Or should we try to be more creative than that?

    As Keric has said, there is no rule against it, so by all means have a go at it.

  16. Mad Jack says:

    I hope a flying pose isn’t required… 😉

    Midnight Captain
    Black Owl
    The Crow
    Red Bee
    Uncanny Kid Kaiju

  17. CantDraw says:

    Here’s my first entry, possibly my only:

    Stellar, aka Estelle von Truffle, is a high society “it” girl who was sucked into a R.O.W. (Randomly Occuring Wormhole) for no apparent reason and obtained the ability to change the density of her atoms. Of course, she has several super-abilities, including flight, super-strength, invisibility, invulnerability, and an increase in the size of her…ahem…other attributes. Unfortunately, it didn’t cure her of her anger issues, especially when she doesn’t get her way, which will eventually lead to her downfall in what is now called the Stellar Event.

  18. Herr D says:

    No one is sure how or why it first happened, but Gray Bob appears randomly at crises and blunders his way to help when he can. He told his sometimes photographer, Robert Grace, that he believes he is “only here to help, and can therefore, only appear when help is needed.” He explained to Ellen Grace, Robert’s wife, that his powers are mental and that he can only fly like Dumbo, when holding a feather. He apologized to —– [name withheld by parental request] for “flying higgledy-piggledy,” explaining that he was personally taught to fly by a balloon someone had let go and that that should explain the “rude noises” as well.

    He says that he can’t unlearn a lesson or remember what he looks like when he’s human. Hopefully the city’s insurance premiums don’t go up too high . . .

  19. ams says:

    Here’s an oldie from me. Based on a Sketch of the day by Jeff. There was a time I made backgrounds and then highlighting and shading took over all my time and focus. Cheers & Happy New Year!

  20. Magnus Maximus says:

    Decided to scrap the companion idea, but my other attempt still didn’t come out like I wanted it to. But still, sometimes there won’t be a phone booth available, and when that happens, you have to change on the go.

  21. Timedrop23 says:

    Here’s OSFlying Contest original, Whirlybird:

    She can make her hair do anything by thinking about it, but chooses (for some reason) to spin her braid at high speeds like a helicopter rotor, allowing her to fly. Maybe flying is more fun than entering hair-sculpting contests?

  22. Trusten Murrah says:

    Swift- A hero with the ability to fly at the speed of sound.

  23. ams says:

    Oops! Haven’t entered a contest in awhile and didn’t name my file right. Sorry!

  24. MScat says:

    WOW I cant believe its been about 2 to 3 years since Ive done anything on HM. A lot has changed! I missed seeing all the fantastic illustrations everyone is creating on here.

    Anyways…thought I’d try my hand at a contest. Sorry if this entry doesn’t fit the criteria…like I said its been years since ive entered one of these.

    Valkyrie uses her sword to create powerful wind storms that she uses to fly. (It may not be scientifically accurate but it sounds cool)

  25. Herr D says:

    I’m not sure this counts as flying either, since she’s essentially weightless . . .

  26. Trusten Murrah says:

    Sorry, I didn’t see there was already another entry with a hero named Swift

  27. Trusten Murrah says:

    Psycho- A hero with the ability to fly and use psychokinesis

  28. headlessgeneral says:

    Entry #2

    Tilt – Slightly crazy hero who uses his telekinesis to “fly”. And lift automobiles.

  29. Folkly says:

    I’m never quite sure what “old school” means in these challenges. Does it mean no zypping? Or that we should try to draw Golden Age style? Or something quite different?

    Anyway, here’s my entry. Enjoyed this one, though I’m still new to doing different poses.

  30. Jeff Hebert says:

    How cool is it that Zyp was so awesome, he has a whole technique named after him?

  31. JR19759 says:

    Jeff Hebert:
    How cool is it that Zyp was so awesome, he has a whole technique named after him?

    It shows how awesome he was the fact that he still has a technique named after him after not being active since the UGO forums closed.

    & @Folkly- It means the challenge category is an old school idea, you can do what ever style you choose. I did clarify this at the beginning of the week for Anarchangel.

  32. Herr D says:

    Hey, maybe my computer isn’t Zen enough, but it won’t let me look at Folkly’s. Just waits and thinks. (?)

  33. Lionheart says:

    Here is “The Eclipse” Blocking out the light and crushing the evildoers.

  34. JR19759 says:

    Ok guys, this weeks contest is closed. No idea how I’m going to be able to pick a top 5, but I’ll try.
    Hopefully the poll will be up shortly.