Character Of The Year

A couple of months ago it was suggested to me that at the end of the year I do a poll consisting of all of the contest winners throughout the year to find the Character Of The Year. I liked the idea, so, over the next two weeks until Christmas, that is what we're going to do.

Of course, with there having been 46 contests this year (at time of writing), it would be a bit of a stretch to put all of the winners in one poll, so (on Kaldath's suggestion) what I've done is split all the winners into 5 randomised polls and at the end of the week the winners of each will go into a final 5 poll. Then we will have our winner.

Poll 1:

[polldaddy poll="7630332"]


Poll 2:

[polldaddy poll="7630351"]


Poll 3:

[polldaddy poll="7630359"]


Poll 4:

[polldaddy poll="7630365"]


Poll 5:

[polldaddy poll="7630377"]

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