HM3: Totally Tubular Wristwear


Whiz Bang brings you more Glove items! Wrist rockets, ring bracer, and gun bracelet. You can find these deadly accessories in GloveRight/Standard and GloveRight/Female.

We also threw in tubes for your flamethrower/ice gun/acid shooter. You can find this piece in the ItemRight/HeavyWeapons set.

Be thankful and enjoy!

3 Responses to HM3: Totally Tubular Wristwear

  1. Solander says:

    Thank you dblade! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Is that Black Widows gun bracelet?

  2. dblade says:

    You’re welcome, Solander!
    And the gun bracelet is inspired by a certain kick-butt hero.

  3. Jack Zelger says:

    Hey, wrist rockets! I requested those like, maybe a year ago! Nice work.