November 2nd Pop Quiz Winner!

atomicpunk-citrine Calvary_Red-Emperor_of_the_Autumn_Wood KericFallQueen Melmo44-Autumna sorbus__the_wood_nypmph_by_babylonarch-d6sxgke

Five great entries this week, and as always the decision is never as easy as it initially seems. Have gone back and forth on this one a few times, but I've got to give it to The Atomic Punk this week, although Calvary Red was a VERY close second. Good job everyone. Congratulations!


On a personal note, the next month is going to be very busy professionally as I am working on four shows simultaneously. As such I will not have time to post the Costume Blog for the next little while. I should be back up an running the first week in December to return to the blog and post the Pop Quiz on December 6th.


3 Responses to November 2nd Pop Quiz Winner!

  1. Calvary_Red says:

    Well done AP, Citrine is a beautiful little creature.

  2. Thanks for the nods, djuby and Calvary_Red.

    November and December are really huge months for theater and ballet here. Understandable that would apply to someone who works the trade.

  3. Herr D says:

    @AP: Congrats, man. Yes, great little creature.
    @djuby: Sorry I had to stay out of this one. Hope you don’t get quashed by work. Look forward to 12/6.
    @ev1: Always one for reversals, I hope Fall — RAISES all of us.