Anime Talk: Halloween Edition

For this weeks Anime Talk with Halloween being today I want to share with you those Anime series and movies that I enjoy watching at this time of year. What follows are my 10 favorite Anime for Halloween in no particular order, and I invite you to give me your list in the comments below.

1) Vampire Hunter D


2) Dance in the Vampire Bund


3) Witch Hunter Robin


4) Devil Hunter Yohko


5) Blood+


6) Rosario + Vampire

( A little ecchi, and heavy on fan service but still a fun series )


7) Hellsing


8) Highschool of the Dead


9) Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Anime


10) D.Gray-Man

And there you have it! My 10 favorite Anime to watch during the Halloween season. Some of them are light hearted and funny, some of them dark and menacing but all are in my opinion a great watch, not just for Halloween but any time during the year!

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One Response to Anime Talk: Halloween Edition

  1. Arioch says:

    I know only 5 of them…

    Loved Vampire Hunter D and Witch Hunter Robin. Hellsing, IMO, was a downward curve, sadly (anime and manga). Highschool of the Dead is fun, but I have issues with the omnipresent fanservice. D Gray Man was okay, interesting and reasonnably fun.