10 Characters Wearing Heroic Sunglasses

Today we bring you a guest post from Eunisse C. De Leon, a writer who’s interested in Asian culture and anything art and design-related. I hope you'll give her a warm HeroMachine welcome!

A typical superhero wears form-fitting clothes, a cape, and a mask to complete their image but characters are now tweaking their signature look. While most superheroes hide their identities under a mask, there are those who prefer to give a hint while still leaving an air of mystery.

This list welcomes the 10 protagonists from comic books, animated films and series, and the gaming world who opted to wear cool sunglasses instead of the usual mask that makes them look like burglars instead of someone who saved the day.

  1. Hawkeye

    HawkEyeThe Avenger’s resident archer, Hawkeye, has an eye for all kinds of weapons. Under his dark shades lies a skilled archer who is also knowledgeable in handling boomerangs, knives, blades and darts. Hawkeye is a reliable strategist and tactician who knows how to look at problems and solve them.

  2. Hwoarang

    hwoarangHwoarang is the Korean Taekwondo fighter from the game Tekken. His determination to win against Jin and Heihachi in the King of Iron Fist tournament is a remarkable trait which makes him a top contender in every game. Hwoarang is seen as a cool ex-military man and martial artist whose multicolored sunglasses add up to that image.

  3. Otto

    ottoOtto is Rocket Power’s talented athlete who happens to be an expert with skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. He is usually seen sporting dreadlocks, a helmet, rollerblades, and green sunglasses. Spending most of his time outdoors, his sunglasses is more of a protective gear than a fashion item.

  4. Leorio

    leorioLeorio is one of the four main characters in the anime Hunter X Hunter. He dresses older than his age and acts like the big brother to the rest of the team. Instead of wearing eyeglasses to match his soon-to-be-doctor persona, Leorio opts to don a reflective pair of sunglasses that hangs on the bridge of his nose. His eyeglasses hid the guilt he felt when his friend died due to their lack of money to pay for medical assistance. It is also the reason why he wants to become a doctor someday.

  5. Johnny Bravo

    johnnybravoOne of the most classic icons of Cartoon Network, Johnny Bravo is a hero because he thinks so. We remember him as the muscular man in a black shirt and dark glasses who thinks he’s cool enough to win girls’ hearts. His not-so-suave tactics may not be able to impress women but this big guy surely has a big heart.

  6. Shino

    shinoThough only playing a supporting role in the Naruto series, Shino is a hero in his own right. He is mysterious, calm, and analytical. His round, black glasses make it easier for him to avoid any eye contact and show any kind of emotion. Despite his competitive nature and lack of social skills, he values his teammates and friends by helping them in any way possible.

  7. King Kai

    KingKaiNVDragonball Z fans recognize King Kai as Goku’s mentor who watches over him from the heavens. He is known for his wisdom but possesses a poor sense of humor. His trademark round black glasses isn’t worn for no reason. He uses his these to hide his eyes so that he can judge wisely and fairly.

  8. Duke Nukem

    dukenukemDuke Nukem is the main character in the video game of the same title. He’s your typical macho man—confident, heavily-built, carries guns, and smokes cigars. Since he exudes that bad boy image, his dark glasses cover his emotional side making him a merciless fighter. Duke Nukem is a good man who protects the planet from alien invasion initiated by a certain Dr. Proton.

  9. Ban Mido

    Gb_ban_eyecatchBan Mido is the other half of the Get Backers--a team that runs a business of retrieving lost items. He is arrogant but extremely intelligent and known for having an “evil eye” and “snakebite.” His round, purple glasses complete his cool and laid-back style. Ban’s evil eye technique enables anyone who makes eye contact with him to enter into an illusion that lasts for a minute.

  10. Vayne

    vayneCommonly tagged as “The Night Hunter,” Vayne is definitely not the least in this list. She is well trained and her abilities are one-of-a-kind, making her a favorite character among League of Legend players. Vayne’s stylish pair completes her femme fatale outfit making her someone you don’t want to mess with. Her skills as a hunter include speed, tumbling as a form of attack, and damaging an opponent through silver bolts.

Since we can’t wear masks everyday to show our support to our idols, sunglasses that resemble those from our favorite characters can be an alternative. But if it still comes off as an intimidating idea, we can always wear sunglasses customized with our fave hero’s emblems.