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Bob Ringwood - Costume Designer

2004 Troy   - Oscar Nomination


2002 Star Trek: Nemesis


2002 The Time Machine

2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence

2000 Supernova

1997 Alien: Resurrection

1995 Batman Forever

BATMAN FOREVER, Jim Carrey, 1995

1994 The Shadow

1993 Demolition Man

1992 Batman Returns


1992 Alien 3


1991 American Friends

1990 Chicago Joe and the Showgirl

1989 Batman


1987 Empire of the Sun  - Oscar Nomination

1987 Prick Up Your Ears

1986 Solarbabies

1985 Santa Claus

1984 Dune


1981 Excalibur



One Response to Make It Sew – The Costume Blog – Bob Ringwood

  1. Excalibur is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the costumes were exquisite. They really pulled you into the story. I like the designs for Dune. Likewise, they are a large part of creating a world. The baroque style used sets it apart from anything that I had seen prior. Sneaky suspicion that Ringwood’s work on Dune had a major influence on Chronicles of Riddick.

    Solarbabies… ok, that made me chuckle. A fork in the road down memory lane.