Screen Spotlight- Pegg, Frost & Wright

Today, I feel the need to talk, at length (so what else is new?), about a certain collaboration between some huge geeks.

What I personally love about these three is that every film/ tv show they make ends up being one huge nerd-out. Spaced- Sci-fi, Shaun Of The Dead- zombie movies, Hot Fuzz- American Cop Movies, Don't- Hammer Horror films, World's End (al-be-it to a lesser extent and without the massive references seen in their previous works)- disaster movies, all bundled up with a healthy does of British life and British comedy.

Even when separated they can't hold back those impulses, so we get things like Paul (Pegg & Frost, which is epic), Star Trek/ Star Trek Into Darkness (Pegg, less epic but still he's good i.m.o), Adventures Of Tintin (Pegg & Frost, with Wright being a writer but not director), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Wright), The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (Wright), Doctor Who/ Doctor Who Confidential Series 1 (Pegg), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Pegg), Death & Return Of Superman parody short (Pegg), Spider-Plant Man parody (Pegg & Frost) and of course the upcoming Ant-Man film (Wright, which will hopefully be good as he's directing it.)

So guys, over to you. What's your opinion on Pegg, Frost & Wright? Favourite film? Best bits?

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