Screen Spotlight- Pegg, Frost & Wright

Today, I feel the need to talk, at length (so what else is new?), about a certain collaboration between some huge geeks.

What I personally love about these three is that every film/ tv show they make ends up being one huge nerd-out. Spaced- Sci-fi, Shaun Of The Dead- zombie movies, Hot Fuzz- American Cop Movies, Don't- Hammer Horror films, World's End (al-be-it to a lesser extent and without the massive references seen in their previous works)- disaster movies, all bundled up with a healthy does of British life and British comedy.

Even when separated they can't hold back those impulses, so we get things like Paul (Pegg & Frost, which is epic), Star Trek/ Star Trek Into Darkness (Pegg, less epic but still he's good i.m.o), Adventures Of Tintin (Pegg & Frost, with Wright being a writer but not director), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Wright), The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (Wright), Doctor Who/ Doctor Who Confidential Series 1 (Pegg), Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Pegg), Death & Return Of Superman parody short (Pegg), Spider-Plant Man parody (Pegg & Frost) and of course the upcoming Ant-Man film (Wright, which will hopefully be good as he's directing it.)

So guys, over to you. What's your opinion on Pegg, Frost & Wright? Favourite film? Best bits?

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3 Responses to Screen Spotlight- Pegg, Frost & Wright

  1. Herr D says:

    “Paul” had me roflmao. It got to be a game of how many references I caught and how many of Paul’s predictions did I identify / understand. Even though it had a lot of derivative moments and might not have existed without the satire, it was a great standalone.
    The language was annoying at times, but the adult content and even the violence was okay, probably because of the references.

    As a side note, anyone making / playing RPGs should explore such ‘racial qualities’ as being horrible drivers. Great fun.

  2. Myro says:

    Could probably watch anything Simon Pegg is in. He’s generally been pretty funny in it. Amazed by how much Edgar Wright has either written and/or directed that I ended up enjoying, and then finding out he was attached to it after the fact. Don’t see much of Nick Frost without Pegg, but the two match up well together.

    Loved Shaun of the Dead (probably the first time I came acquainted with the work of all three), and Hot Fuzz. I expect that The World’s End should have a similar flavor of comedy.

  3. barbario says:

    Hot Fuzz is a perfect film. not one second of screen time wasted.